Laceration Repair and Scar Revision

Scar Resurfacing / Scar Correction

Patients interested in improving or reducing the appearance of unsightly scars are ideal candidates for scar correction surgery. With scar revision, Dr. Paul focuses on restoring function while simultaneously minimizing the look of the scar.

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The goal of laceration repair and scar revision surgery is to minimize the scar, so that is more consistent with a patient’s surrounding skin tone and texture, while preserving or improving tissue function. Sometimes unavoidable after injury or surgery, Dr. Paul can correct large or unappealing scars by following skin tension lines and re-orientating the scar to align correctly.

Long, linear scars are often the most unsightly. By changing the direction of the scar, Dr. Paul helps to reduce the look of the scar so patients feel more confident and attractive.


Scar correction treatment options vary greatly on the type, degree, and placement of the scar. In most cases, Dr. Paul carefully changes the direction of the scar by following the natural tension lines within the skin.

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