Is PRP for me?

Platelets circulate in the plasma component of your blood and contain powerful growth-factors. With our technology, we concentrate the growth factors and inject them into hair follicles to stimulate growth. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has the potential to help thinning hair get thicker and to stop hair from shedding.  PRP is excellent for men and women – NY TIMES:


How is PRP obtained?

  • PRP is obtained via a blood draw. The amount of blood needed is 25x less than a blood donation.
  • After blood is collected, it is centrifuged to extract PRP.

How is PRP delivered?

  • The PRP solution is micro-injected into the hair follicles in the scalp.
  • Pain is reduced through application of pre-injection local anesthesia.

How long does a session take?

  • Each session is 45 minutes

When can I see the results and does PRP need to be repeated?

  • Hair grows slowly, roughly 0.5 inch per month. The results of PRP are continually evaluated, though the results are best judged after 6 months.
  • For maximal improvement, we recommend the initial 3 sessions of PRP spaced every 6-8 weeks.
  • If you are a “PRP responder”, which includes well over 70% of patients, then we recommend maintenance PRP 2 or 3 times per year.

Is PRP safe?

  • PRP is exceedingly safe because you are using your own blood products and avoiding foreign substances.

What is the downtime?

  • Downtime is minimal (<1 day). Most can return to work after a PRP session.

Can PRP be used with other hair treatments?

  • PRP is safe and often synergistic with most hair treatments. Dr. Paul will guide you on the benefits and value of combination therapy.