What is a “natural” result?

Each patient comes into the office with very specific and individualized wishes. From the subtle to the dramatic, each patient’s concern is approached with respect and thoughtfulness. Despite the variety, my patients share one common desire, and that is to remain “natural” appearing.

There is no question that a “done” look is not the aesthetic of today.  A “done” look catches your attention.  It is my philosophy that beautiful plastic surgery passes you on the street and doesn’t call attention. A natural result shows a refreshed appearance and provides balance and harmony to the face.

To achieve a “natural” result, certain scientific proportions and relationships must be appreciated then artfully crafted for each patient.  It is the marriage of art and science that excites me a facial plastic surgeon.

For the patient displayed in the photograph, our desire was to improve her cheekbones, jawline, and neck without giving her the tell-tale signs that work had been done.  Her “natural” result has brought her compliments saying she looks rested and beautiful. How joyous!