Endoscopic Forehead Lipoma and Osteoma Excision

Forehead Contouring / Forehead Reshaping

A skilled cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Paul performs forehead augmentation and reduction with subtle contouring surgery designed to improve the shape and prominence of the forehead and brow. The results of forehead reshaping are soft and natural.

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A major part of the face, the forehead occupies nearly one-third of the total surface area and is a major contributor to the overall aesthetics of the face. If the forehead is marked by a noticeable ridge or bump on the skull above the eyes or on the side of the forehead, an osteoma, lipoma, or a different lesion may be present. Dr. Paul is a master of the endoscopic approach to remove osteomas or lipomas to smooth the forehead for a more attractive look and feel. Endoscopic osteoma removal involves the removal of excess osteocytes or bone cells. Endoscopic lipoma removal involves the removal of excess lipocytes or fat cells. Overall, the advantage of an endoscopic approach is that the access port is placed in the hairline, which does not leave a visible scar on the forehead.

Since aesthetics and shape of the forehead vary between men and women, Dr. Paul customizes each forehead contouring procedure to create the most natural looking and attractive results.


Under local and/or general anesthesia, Dr. Paul performs minimally invasive forehead contouring as well as endoscopic excision of masses directly through the hair-bearing scalp to avoid any telltale signs of surgery. The goal of forehead contouring to create a forehead that is smooth and more attractive.  The procedure is notable for its rapid recovery and natural result.


This photo shows an osteoma of the forehead. There is a small bony bump in the forehead. This is the osteoma. It was removed endoscopically. This is a CT image.

This CT scan shows an osteoma of the forehead.



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