Fillers and Lips

Lip Augmentation / Lip Reduction

Lips that are full and healthy bring an undeniable attractiveness and balance to the face. Dr. Paul’s conservative approach to lip augmentation ensures the most natural cosmetic results.

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Fillers can be used to enhance volume.  Common location for filler placement includes:

  • Lips
  • Marionette Lines
  • NasoLabial Folds
  • Cheeks
  • Nose


Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement is a targeted procedure designed to restore fullness and balance between the upper and lower lip. A common request, Dr. Paul believes subtle lip augmentation is the most attractive form of cosmetic enhancement to the lips and tailors his approach to each patient.

With a keen eye for detail and symmetry, Dr. Paul performs only natural looking lip enhancement or reduction surgery for the most luscious lips possible.

Dr. Paul feels the very best lip augmentation procedures compliment the face without distracting from the other features. For this reason, all lip reduction and enhancement procedures are practiced with great restraint and careful consideration for the proportions of the face. For fuller lips, Dr. Paul injects temporary or permanent filler material directly into the lips.

Lip Reduction

To reduce the size of the lips or restore balance to the upper and lower lips, Dr. Paul carefully removes excess fat or previously injected filler or silicone from the lips.

The following patient had silicone injected into her lower lip 10 years ago by a physician in Los Angeles.  She had a reaction with granuloma to the silicone in the left lower lip only. A selected lip reduction was performed:



Nasal Contouring

The contour and shape of the nose may be molded with filler. The injection takes only a few minutes to place and the result can be beautiful. The following is an example of how a touch of nasal filler can impact the profile of a nose:

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