Buccal Fat Reduction and Cheek Enhancement

Malar Augmentation / Cheek Implant / Cheek Sculpting

A malar enhancement refers to the alteration of the cheeks. Dr. Paul performs a variety of malar augmentation procedures as well as malar reduction procedures such as buccal fat reduction designed to improve facial symmetry and attractiveness.

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Often referred to as cheek sculpting, a malar enhancement either augments or reduces the overall fullness of the cheek. An experienced surgeon with a keen eye for symmetry, Dr. Paul performs beautiful and natural looking cheek augmentation procedures for patients searching for greater balance to facial proportions.

Cheek sculpting is all about restoring balance and symmetry to the face. If your cheeks are too full or not full enough, a malar enhancement can safely improve the proportionality of your face.


The proper malar enhancement procedure depends entirely on the unique facial structure of the patient. For fuller cheeks, Dr. Paul can inject the area with a filler or insert an implant. To create slimmer cheeks, Dr. Paul performs a buccal fat reduction, which removes excess fat to create a better architecture of the cheeks.  Both procedures provide patients more defined cheekbones that accentuate and compliment the natural structure of the face.



“I had buccal fat excision done by Dr. Paul for my 30th birthday and he did an impeccable job with outstanding results.” To read more of this review: click here


“My motivation to get this surgery done was that I wanted a more defined face, that would look a little bit longer than round, and maybe more masculine than childish. The advantages of the surgery are that it is quickly done and easy to recover….  I am very happy that I’ve done it and I would do it again.” To read more of this review: click here


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