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Mentoplasty / Chin Reduction / Chin Augmentation

Dr. Paul is committed to providing the best chin implant surgery in NYC. In less than an hour you will have an amazing result. A mentoplasty dramatically improves the profile and overall look of the face. Dr. Paul’s surgical approach aims to align a patient’s chin proportion with the rest of the face in a way that is beautiful and appealing.

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A chin augmentation, also known as a mentoplasty, is a perfect procedure for patients seeking to to correct a weak chin, improve facial proportions, and enhance overall symmetry. A specialist in chin alternation, Dr. Paul routinely enhances the look of an underprojected chin by inserting a chin implant.

By aligning the chin with the lower lip, Dr. Paul crafts each chin surgery to match the unique facial proportions of each patient’s face.



In the case of chin augmentation, an implant is inserted under the skin of the chin with a small incision on the under surface of the chin in a natural camouflage zone. The procedure is performed in Dr. Paul’s state-of-the-art surgical suite at his surgical center. After the procedure, patients are able to recover at home. The sutures are removed after one week. Dr. Paul’s chin augmentation surgery instantly improves the appeal of the face in one hour of surgery.


Perfect Chin implant:  I never thought I would get plastic surgery in a million years, but my chin has always bothered me. I found Dr. Paul online and could not find a bad review about him. I went in for my consultation and knew I found the right place. Dr. Paul was so reassuring and answered all my questions in a professional but thoughtful manner. I didn’t feel pressured and he didn’t try to sell me on anything else. His staff was so nice and always made sure I was comfortable. They take a lot of precautions pre-surgery and provide a slew of medication, lotions and ice wraps for after surgery. The surgery lasted an hour and it took me another hour to wake up from the anesthesia. I didn’t get rushed out and the nurses were always by my side as I was waking up. Dr. Paul called me the next morning to check in and answer any questions. I was amazed how much I didn’t bruise and the swelling went down after a few days. The surgery was Wednesday and I was back to work the next week! I highly recommend Dr. Paul.  To read more: click here

Incredible From Start To Finish: I had a chin implant and liposuction to my neck. Dr. Paul and his staff were professional, gracious and courteous. From the first visit, Dr. Paul exhibited great competency. His pre- and post-operative guidelines were not only easy to follow but ensured near perfect recovery from my procedure; my swelling was practically non-existent and the tiny incision scar unnoticeable. Intraop was smooth and I woke from anesthesia smoothly. I am so impressed with the outcome and couldn’t be happier. People notice a positive change without suspecting that i had “work done”. To read more: click here

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