Scar Resurfacing / Scar Correction

Patients interested in improving or reducing the appearance of unsightly scars are ideal candidates for scar correction surgery. With scar revision, Dr. Paul focuses on restoring function while simultaneously minimizing the look of the scar.

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The goal of botox is to help smooth wrinkles. For all patients, the repeated expressions (dynamic wrinkles) can become standing lines (static wrinkles). Botox is used both to improve existing lines as well as prevent the formation of unwanted wrinkles.


An in-office procedure with no downtime, botox is micro-injected in a nearly painless fashion. Patients are able to return to work following a treatment.

The injection will take 2-4 days to start working and will take full effect after 2 weeks. The improvement in the face lasts 2.5-5 months depending on the patient.


Botox is injected into multiple areas (zones)

  • Upper Forehead – to treat horizontal lines
  • Low-Central Forehead – to treat the vertical lines (11 lines) of the glabella
  • Side of eyes – to treat the crow’s feet
  • Under eyes – to treat crepe skin
  • Base of nose – to help reduce motion of tip during speech and smile
  • Side of nose – to reduce bunny lines
  • Armpit – to reduce sweating, odor, and discoloration during sweating
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