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Earlobe Repair & Otoplasty

Ear Reconstruction / Earlobe Reduction

The Surgery

Ears that are too large or protrude too far out are easily corrected with an otoplasty, or ear pinning procedure. Dr. Paul believes that ear surgery should bring balance and proportion to the face in a natural and appealing way.

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An otoplasty corrects ears or earlobes that are deformed from birth or injury, are too large or asymmetrical, are cosmetically damaged from long-term earring wear, or protrude too far out from the head. Dr. Paul understands that patients seek the security to wear their hair back or short. For this reason, Dr. Paul focuses on sculpting ears and earlobes that radiate natural beauty without distracting from the overall facial appearance.

Symmetry, shape and proportion are the most important considerations when correcting the external ear. Since every face is different, Dr. Paul tailors ear repair to meet the concerns and facial structure of each patient.

When considering earlobes, Dr. Paul is in an expert in repairing:

  •  Stretched Ear Lobe Piercing
  •  Gauge Ear Lobe Piercing
  •  Torn Ear Lobes
  •  Enlarged/Elongated Ear Lobes
  •  Pixie Ear deformity
  •  Duplication or abnormal folding of the ear lobes

Procedure Details

Ear lobe repair:

  • Earlobe repair does not involve any cartilage reshaping and is solely a correction of the soft tissue of the ear lobe.
  • Repair is often done awake with local anesthesia, though may be performed in combination with other procedures in the operating room.
  • Patients are given local anesthesia and sterile prep
  • Sutures are placed that are removed in 10 days
  • Re-piercing may occur 6 weeks after the date of closure


  • Otoplasty to change prominent ears is often performed in the operating room
  • While the phrase ‘ear pinning’ is commonly used, the reality of the procedure is quite different and involves no pins. Dr. Paul performs an otoplasty procedure by sculpting ear cartilage into a more appealing shape with sutures, which creates natural looking results that do not showcase any signs of repair or modification.

If you are interested in external ear surgery, Dr. Paul will thoroughly explain the best options for correction of your specific concern.

Example: Otoplasty of the right ear was performed to improve symmetry and bring the right ear toward the face as it was overly prominent. Both anti-helical and conchal sutures were placed. This is the result at 1 month.


Otoplasty of the right ear was performed to improve symmetry and bring the right ear toward the face as it was overly prominent. Both anti-helical and conchal sutures were placed. This is the result at 1 month.
Keloid removal from rim of ear
4 weeks after correction of pixie ear deformity during secondary facelift.

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Dr Paul is excellent

Dr Paul is great. I highly recommend him. He is thorough, explained everything well and followed up, personally calling me to ask how I was doing. He rebuilt my ear and it looks like nothing happened.

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