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The Surgery

The central defining characteristic of the face, an attractive nose beautifully accents the cheeks, mouth, and eyes. If the nose if out of proportion, the entire face loses appeal. For this reason, a beautiful rhinoplasty can really boost one’s appearance and self image.

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As the centerpiece of the face, it comes as no surprise that even a subtle alteration to the nose can greatly improve overall attractiveness. Is your nose too wide, crooked or drooping? Are you experiencing difficulty breathing, disruptive snoring, or sinus issues? A nose job may be the perfect solution to look great and breathe great.

Whether you are seeking to correct a cosmetic or functional issue, Dr. Paul utilizes the top and most advanced surgical techniques to expertly sculpt a beautiful celebrity like, natural looking nose.

Procedure Details

Dr. Paul’s approach to rhinoplasty centers around the concept of natural structure preservation. By preserving your natural features while enhancing your structural support, Dr. Paul is able to create top results that look beautiful and celebrity like, and enhance nasal breathing. Dr. Paul is an expert in using cartilage grafts and struts to reconstruct the nose into a shape and size that is equally proportionate and attractive. Devoted to rapid recovery, Dr. Paul’s surgical methods are devoted to creating natural looking, long-term results with a return to daily activities in just days following surgery.

Dr. Paul’s expertise in providing natural structure nose jobs is not just known for celebrities and in New York City (NYC) but also in the surrounding states and counties – Manhattan, New York (NY), Suffolk County, Westchester County, Bergen County, New Jersey (NJ), Fairfield County, Connecticut (CT). In addition to our local patients, Dr. Paul has treated many patients from across the globe.

As a dual board certified Otolaryngologist (ENT) and Facial Plastic Surgeon in Manhattan, New York City (NYC), Dr. Paul’s training and experience makes him uniquely capable to perform natural structure rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and nasal fracture repair for celebrities.


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1 month after rhinoplasty

patient reviews
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Incredible Nose Job.. a Piece of Art – New York, NY

Dr. Paul is patient, understanding a hard worker and an incredible surgeon. He spent time with me and allowed me time to decide on taking the plunge with my surgery. He made sure to ease any fear I had about the final look of my nose. The team he works with is incredible, if i ever has any questions they were all kind and helped answer all my concerns.

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Amazing Rhinoplasty Experience – New York

I have always been insecure about my nose as I had a little bump and the tip drooped when I smiled. I was thinking about getting a rhinoplasty for a few years now, but finding the right surgeon is hard. I am so happy I decided to have Dr. Paul do my surgery. I wanted a natural-looking nose that fit my face and he delivered and I couldn’t be happier. I had my procedure done on August 10th…

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5 star experience all around

My surgery with Dr. Paul was definitely a 5 star experience. His office and staff are very inviting, and wait times are minimal. Dr. Paul has very good bedside manner and I was at ease the entire pre and post procedure. My recovery was tougher than expected, but I was able to reach out to Dr. Paul at anytime with immediate resolve. I would recommend him for any facial surgery.

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Best experience all around

I am so glad to have found Dr. Paul and his office. For starters, his front desk staff is so nice and accomodating. The nurses there are also so sweet and caring (shout out to all the nurses that took care of me). Dr. Paul is honestly the best physician I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. He has the best bedside manner and really listens to your needs. He made sure that we were both on the…

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