Surgery Suites

Manhattan Facial Surgery Suites LLC

Located at 225 East 64th Street, the Manhattan Facial Surgery Suites is an elegant and private surgery center in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Equipped with two operating rooms, our facility further features four exam rooms, a quiet recovery area, and a comfortable lounge for waiting family and friends.

Fully accredited to ensure patient safety, sterility, and privacy, our surgery suites surround you in complete luxury and comfort. We proudly provide a calm and efficiency preparation process the morning of your surgery, and private nurses who specialize in surgical care after you wake from operation.

Your Privacy Matters

When ready, all patients exit through a private door with the help of a personal nurse. Centrally located next to the Affinia Gardens Hotel, this hotel caters to many of our patients for one to two nights following surgery. If preferred, we also recommend recovery at Loews Regency, The Surrey, The Mark, or the Lowell Hotels. We are happy to make hotel reservations for you or assist with any other amenities you many need while in the New York area.

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