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Neck Lift / Cheek Lift / Jowl Lift

The Surgery

The goal of facelift surgery is to create a facial appearance that is smooth, soft, and defined. Committed to natural, long-lasting results, Dr. Paul improves the surface appearance of the face with a complete platysma muscle suspension beneath the skin that to camouflage evidence of surgery.

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Personalized to meet each patient’s aesthetic goals, Dr. Paul’s facelift procedure treats each targeted area of the face individually to create an overall look that is beautiful and rejuvenated. Safe and effective, Dr. Paul utilizes a muscle suspension facelift technique under the skin that greatly reduces the telltale signs of cosmetic enhancement.

A specialist in face, neck, cheek, and jowl lifts, Dr. Paul understands how each element of the face must work together in harmony to achieve the most natural, age-appropriate results possible.

Procedure Details

Almost entirely muscular in nature, Dr. Paul’s facelift suspends the platysma muscle to re-define the jawline and neck. A perfect solution for sagging jowls and a hanging neck, this surgical procedure gives patients a visual appearance that is vibrant, youthful, and restored.

Technically known as “rhytidectomy,” a face lift is often performed in conjunction with an endoscopic endoscopic brow lift, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, or laser skin resurfacing.

The aging face reveals descent of the muscle with attendant jowls and a loose neck
Dr. Paul’s facelift tightens the platysma muscle with stitches placed beneath the skin. This restores the foundation of the face and redefines the jaw line and neck.


2 months after facelift and necklift surgery.
2 months after facelift.

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Needed a Lift – New York, NY

Exactly one month ago I had a facelift and lower eyelid surgery done by Dr. Paul. The results are so fantastic, just 4 weeks later I look great, refreshed, and I’m getting compliments on how good I look! I know that I’ll still be in healing mode for several months, and will look even better as the months go by. I’ve been asked if I went on a vacation! Dr. Paul is a young surgeon, a perfectionist with a great eye, and that is crucial to a good surgery outcome. He is easy to talk to, he really listens, and offers the best advice. His work is very natural, not a “done” look. I never felt rushed, or that I was asking idiotic questions. The nurses are all very sweet, very talented, and the office is immaculately clean. The experience was even better than I had imagined. I highly recommend Dr. Ben Paul for any facial work.

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