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before and after rhinoplasty
before and after rhinoplasty
before and after eyelid surgery and buccal fat pad reduction of the cheeks
before and after eyelid surgery
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Meet Dr. Paul

Dr. Benjamin Paul is a double board certified Facial Plastic and Hair Restoration Surgeon who practices in Manhattan, NY. Dr. Paul is one of the best doctors known for exceptional talent in rhinoplasty, facelift and eyelid surgery, and hair transplantation and restoration. Dr. Paul prides himself on delivering natural, celebrity like, long-lasting results with no evidence of surgery and minimal downtime.

double board certified surgeon

Trained by the very best in Manhattan and Chicago, Dr. Paul completed the prestigious Honors Program in Medical Education at Northwestern University where he earned his undergraduate and medical degrees. After college, Dr. Paul went on to complete his general surgery internship, otolaryngology-head and neck surgery residency, and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery fellowship at New York University.

One of the Best Facial Plastic Surgeons and Hair Loss & Transplantation Doctors with Celebrity Like Results in Manhattan, NY

“Dr. Paul is patient, understanding a hard worker and an incredible surgeon. He spent time with me and allowed me time to decide on taking the plunge with my surgery. He made sure to ease any fear I had about the final look of my nose. The team he works with is incredible, if i ever has any questions they were all kind and helped answer all my concerns.”
Meghan K.

“Dr Paul was AMAZING! I literally could not have asked for anything better. I had been putting off surgery because I just felt like I hadn’t found a doctor that I clicked with and from the first time I went into Dr. Paul’s office, I knew I had found the person I wanted to do my surgery. I gave my down payment before I left and scheduled a date for a few weeks later. The whole process was incredibly smooth from start to finish. I’m still in shock with the recovery process – I didn’t even bruise at all! Just some swelling for a few days but I felt like my normal self again within a week. The day I got my cast off I was already back on Zoom calls. I honestly could not recommend him more!”
Stephanie S.

“Dr. Paul is the real deal. A kind person with a calming bedside manner and a real artist. I’m thrilled with the result from my FUE. I’m almost nine months post-surgery and the difference is astounding. I can’t recommend Dr. Paul and his staff highly enough.”
Matt S.

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The central defining characteristic of the face, an attractive nose beautifully accents the cheeks, mouth, and eyes. If the nose is out of proportion, the entire face loses appeal. For this reason, a beautiful rhinoplasty can really boost one’s appearance and self image.
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hair transplant

Hair transplant is an excellent, maintenance-free form of hair restoration for both men and women. Our results are natural, consistent, permanent, and virtually pain free. Transplants can lower the hairline, reinforce the hairline, and improve density on the scalp. We encourage you to visit our hair webstie at HairCareMD to learn more.
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The goal of facelift surgery is to create a facial appearance that is smooth, soft, and defined. Committed to natural, long-lasting results, Dr. Paul improves the surface appearance of the face with a complete platysma muscle suspension beneath the skin that to camouflage evidence of surgery.
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#Wishgranted at nyc

#Wishgranted at nyc

#Wishgranted at nyc

Best Facial Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant Practice in New York City.

Located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Dr. Paul works in the finest, state-of-the-art surgical center to provide his patients NYC’s best hair transplant and NYC’s best facial plastic surgery.

Manhattan Facial Surgery Suites is an elegant and private surgery center in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Equipped with two operating rooms, our facility further features four exam rooms, a quiet recovery area, and a comfortable boutique lounge for waiting family and friends. The office features the latest and most advanced technology in NYC to ensure safety and consistency in outcomes.

Fully accredited to ensure patient safety, sterility, and privacy, our surgery suites surround you in complete luxury and comfort in the heart of New York City.

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Patient Resources

Dr. Benjamin Paul welcomes a number of patients from outside the New York area to his practice. No matter if you are traveling from California or Florida, Canada or England, every out of town patient receives exceptional care and returns home the following week.

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In the Press

Dr. Benjamin Paul in the Wall Street Journal

September 6th, 2022
Dr. Benjamin Paul was interviewed about the surge of hair transplants during the past two years.  Read more at Click to read more at WSJ.com

Virtual Consults

April 7th, 2020
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Endoscopic Osteoma Excision

August 20th, 2019
An Endoscopic Osteoma Excision is routinely performed for those who suffer from bony bumps on the forehead and wish for removal without an overlying incision line/scar. The patients often complain...


Dr. Paul is a surgeon director at HairCareMD. Dr. Paul is dedicated to providing the most effective, modern and natural appearing hair restoration treatments in two state-of-the-art Upper East Side hair loss centers.
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