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Dr. Paul prides himself on delivering natural, long-lasting results with minimal down time.

Facelift surgery, medically known as a Rhytidectomy, is a very popular facial rejuvenation surgical procedure that lifts your facial muscles to reduce drooping facial skin, removing extra skin for a tighter, refreshed countenance. Dr. Benjamin Paul offers his New York City patients the facelift and variations of it (like a mini-facelift surgery and a deep plane facelift) as a great way to turn back the effects of aging for a natural, rejuvenated look.

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The Basics

What Is A Facelift?

A facelift is a cosmetic procedure that targets the effects of aging and gravity to lift and support fallen cheeks, jowls, and neck skin and muscles. This facial rejuvenation process suspends the platysma muscle to redefine the jawline and neck, making it a perfect solution for sagging jowls and hanging necks. This surgical procedure gives patients facial harmony that is vibrant, youthful, and restored.

A rhytidectomy is often performed in conjunction with other facelift-adjacent cosmetic procedures, such as a Brow Lift, an Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery), a Neck Lift, and a Rhinoplasty (Nose Job).

These are the different types of lifts that Dr. Paul performs:


A Mini-Facelift is a slightly modified version of a traditional facelift and helps minimize loose skin around the lower portion of your face. Most plastic surgeons consider mini-facelifts to be less invasive and require less excessive skin removal than other facial surgeries.

During a mini-facelift procedure, Dr. Paul will make discreet incisions around your ears that are easily hidden once healed. Through this incision, your skin and facial muscles are carefully tightened and excess tissue is removed. Your incisions are then closed with a precision suturing technique that reduces tension on your skin and minimizes visible scarring.

This surgery usually lasts two to three hours. You can expect to experience some mild swelling and bruising, but a mini lift has a much less intense recovery when compared to traditional full facelift surgery. A mini lift is chosen by younger patients not ready for a full lift.


A midface lift is helpful to restore volume to cheeks and improve jowling. The procedure targets the mid and lower face through incisions in front of the ears. There are no incisions behind the ears or under the chin. The neck may improve a little from this procedure, though is not directly operated on. The operation takes 2-3 hours.

Neck lift with submentoplasty

A necklift with submentoplasty is a procedure that targets the neck without improving the jowls or mid-face. An incision is made under the chin and behind the ears. Work is done to tighten the platysma muscle centrally and from the sides to improve contour and support to the loose neck. The procedure takes 2-3 hours.

Deep Central Neck Lift

A deep central neck lift is an excellent operation in younger patients to tighten the central neck. No side incisions are made. The midline platysma is brought together with sutures and extra fat is directly removed. This can be combined with neck liposuction. The operation takes 2 hours. Patients must wear a neck wrap while healing in the first week.

The Gold Standard of Facelifts

Deep Plane Facelift

A Deep Plane Facelift Procedure is widely considered to be the most effective and definitive technique to restore the face and neck. Dr. Benjamin Paul is a leading expert in the deep plane facelift.

The Deep Plane Facelift technique produces the longest-lasting results, with many patients seeing results lasting up to 15 years. The deep plane facelift lifts the platysma muscle in both the face and the neck. In the face, the platysma is contiguous with a superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) which is also elevated. The platysma and SMAS are the first muscle layer just under the skin in the face and neck. By lifting the muscle sheet, the face and neck are supported without the tension resting on the skin. There is always skin trimmed as over time, the skin will have stretched and be redundant. With a deep plane lift, the tension is on the muscle and not the skin. This will help to make for a more beautiful face, but will not produce a pulled appearance. At the end of the day, our goal is to help restore your natural beauty.

For a Deep Plane Facelift, you will have an anesthesiologist present and be fully asleep. Dr. Paul will mark the locations on your skin where he intends to make the incisions around the hairline and ears. Dr. Paul will then tighten and secure the layer of connective tissue (SMAS) and underlying platysma muscle beneath your skin, releasing strategic ligaments at a deeper level to lift and rejuvenate your appearance, as well as repositioning the underlying layer of muscle and tissue. Once finished, Dr. Paul will carefully close the incisions.

Facelift Timeline


    You will meet with Dr. Paul for your personal consultation and he will examine your face. Dr. Paul will take time to understand your goals. You will discuss the pros and cons of each of your options and together, and, Dr. Paul will create your surgical plan. You will meet with our patient coordinator to review the cost and availability of your procedure.

    1st Visit

    You will visit with our staff either in person or virtually to go through instructions related to your upcoming procedure. We will ensure you are schedule for a medical clearance. We will send all medicines in for you to pick up before your facelift.

    2nd Visit

    You will meet Dr. Paul and review your plan. You will also meet your anesthesiologist. Depending on your needs, surgery can last 2 – 6 hours. Your head and neck will be wrapped in bandages and you will be met by a private duty nurse in our recovery room. The nurse will accompany you to home or hotel and help your recovery get off to a perfet start. Any initial discomfort and swelling is controlled with oral medications and cold compresses.

    3rd Visit

    Many patients will have private nursing after a facelift for 48 hours. The nurse will remove your head wrap. We do not routinely place any tubes or drains. We will apply a lighter bandage and continuously assess your recovery. Discomfort, swelling, and bruising may appear to worsen, but all of these side effects are temporary. Rest and downtime accompanied by a healthy diet will give your body the tools it needs to recover well and quickly.

    (DAYS 1-2)

    You will be recovering at home or at a hotel. You will return to the office in the first week for a check-up and possible suture removal. Most patients will shower 2 days after the procedure. Most patients will take at least 1 week off from work

    (DAYS 2-7)
  • Weeks Following Surgery

    You should be able to return to work and resume most activities, but avoid strenuous physical activities. Bruising and swelling will continue to diminish. Your sutures from the surgical incisions will dissolve and make-up may be worn at this time.

    (WEEKS 2-4)

    With your initial recovery behind you, you will be able to fully resume normal activities as your soft tissues continue to heal. A moisturizer can be used to correct dry skin once your tissues have healed enough. Your surgical results will improve for six to eight months and incisions lines should heal inconspicuously and gradually fade over time.

    (MONTHS 1-6)

    You should be enjoying your results. On average, the results of a Deep Plane Facelift can last about 10+ years, while a Mini-facelift typically lasts around 5+ years.

    (6 MONTHS +)

What Are The Benefits Of A Facelift Procedure?

Our patients looking to address age-related sagging facial skin have seen huge benefits from their Facelift procedure in NYC.

  • A more contoured jawline
  • Lifted cheeks
  • Improved jowls
  • Overall tightening up of sagging skin
  • Natural results for a more vibrant and rested appearance

Who Are The Best Candidates For A Facelift?

The best New York City Facelift candidates at Dr. Ben Paul’s clinic should have some of the following characteristics:

  • Have sagging facial tissues (i.e. jowls, double chin)
  • Keep a positive attitude throughout the process
  • Maintain realistic expectations
  • Be at or close to their desired target weight
  • Understand the procedure, recovery time, and risks
  • Non-smoker
  • No serious underlying medical conditions

Benjamin Paul, MD

What’s The First Step?

The first step in getting a facelift with Dr. Ben Paul in New York City is to schedule a consultation at our clinic. On the day of your appointment, Dr. Paul will evaluate your unique needs, cosmetic goals, and your unique facial structure and features. He will physically examine your unique facial features, including skin quality, skin laxity, soft tissue, sagging cheeks, jowls, and neck muscles.

He will review your medical history to ensure you are a good candidate for facial surgery. For instance, if you are on medications for hypertension, you might be better served with nonsurgical facelift options.

If you are deemed a good candidate for a Facelift procedure, Dr. Ben Paul will discuss what a surgical facelift involves, the pros and cons of the latest surgical facelift techniques available, and which method would be the best facelift for you. He will also show you where the various incisions will be placed and what you can expect when healing.

Once you and Dr. Paul are satisfied with the direction of your procedure, he will create your custom procedure plan. Our Patient Coordinator will help schedule your surgical date. You will return for a preoperative visit where we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to prepare for your surgery and recovery.

These tips may include stopping certain medications in the days leading up to the procedure, avoiding sun exposure, and keeping up a thorough skincare routine.

What To Expect From A Facelift

On the day of your Facelift surgery, you will first meet with Dr. Paul, who will discuss the details of your surgery. When you are comfortable and ready to go, you will be administered general anesthesia to make your experience as comfortable and painless as possible.

Once you are sedated, Dr. Paul will make an incision in front of your ear near your temples, continuing it under the earlobe towards the back of your ear, allowing it to blend in with your hairline. He will then gently lift the skin to tighten the underlying muscle and tissue, removing excess skin and fat along the way.

The incisions will be placed in a natural skin fold to minimize any appearance of scars post-healing. He will take your gender, ethnicity, and physical anatomy into consideration as he shapes your face. Once the excess skin and fat are extracted, Dr Ben Paul will close the incisions with sutures in a meticulous fashion.

After your surgery, a compression dressing will be gently applied to protect the incisions and prevent any collections of fluid. Dr. Paul does not routinely place any tubes or drains
Depending on the complexity of the surgery and the number of additional procedures, the process can take from two to six hours.

Facelift Recovery

The recovery period for a facelift can vary depending on the extent and depth of the procedure. Immediately post your procedure, you will be met by private duty nurse who we will arrange to provide care for you in the first few days. Many patients will go to a neighbooring hotel for the first few days and some patients will go straight back home. You will leave with a wrap over the head that is removed the next day.

During facelift recovery, you can expect swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the first few days after the procedure. Dr. Paul will provide a prescription for pain-reducing medication, in addition to detailed instructions on caring for the treated area, which includes keeping your head elevated as you sleep to reduce swelling and keep stitches secure. We employ many methods to ensure a rapid recovery to help minimize downtime and get you back to your life as soon as possible.

Avoid strenuous activity and exercise for a few weeks. This allows your body to heal fully. We will guide you depending on your exact procedure and recovery.

The time it takes to return to work after a facelift facial plastic surgery depends on the extent of the procedure and your healing journey. Most patients expect to take at least a week off work to recover from the procedure. For more complex facelift procedures or patients with physically demanding jobs, it may be necessary to take additional time off.

Combine Your Facelift

Our NYC Facelift patients looking to reduce their facial wrinkles and other signs of early facial aging will combine this cosmetic surgery with other facial rejuvenation procedures for an overall better profile.

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How Much Does Facelift Cost In New York City?

The cost of a Facelift in NYC is widely determined by the various facial rejuvenation procedures and techniques that Dr. Paul uses and the degree and number of procedures necessary to meet your aesthetic goals. Further, it depends on anesthesia fees, surgeon’s fees, and a few other factors. The best way to find out how much it will cost for you is to come in for your initial consultation and let Dr. Paul create your surgical plan. Once made, our Patient Coordinator will be able to show you the price breakdown for your procedure.

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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us For A Facelift?

Dr. Ben Paul, a dual board-certified plastic surgeon, specializes in facial plastic surgery. He does not perform any breast or body surgery. He is solely focused on the face.

He underlines his efforts to arrive at a harmonious facial anatomy for his patients to achieve the most natural, age-appropriate results possible for facial aging. His facelift approach treats each targeted area of the face and neck holistically to create an overall look that is beautiful and rejuvenated. Safe and effective, Dr. Paul utilizes a muscle suspension facelift technique known as a deep plane facelift under the skin that greatly reduces the telltale signs of aging through cosmetic enhancement.

An experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in face, neck, cheek, and jowl lifts, Dr. Paul understands how each element of the face must work together in harmony to achieve the most natural, age-appropriate results possible.

As a dual board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon in Manhattan, NYC, Dr. Paul’s training and experience make him uniquely capable of performing natural structure rhytidectomy for all. Dr. Paul remains an active member of prestigious societies such as the Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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If you are in the New York area and would like to improve your facial appearance cosmetically, a Facelift procedure from Dr. Ben Paul could be an excellent solution. To schedule your initial facelift consultation, please contact our office or use our website to fill out a consultation request form. We look forward to taking the first step with you in achieving your desired nasal aesthetic.

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  • 5 Star Review

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    I reached out to Dr. Benjamin to help lift and lighten me. I know I was not interested in implants as I have a great deal of dense tissue. Following his in person pre surgery consult he agreed…

  • 5 Star Review

    So happy with my results!

    I reached out to Dr. Benjamin to help lift and lighten me. I know I was not interested in implants as I have a great deal of dense tissue. Following his in person pre surgery consult he agreed…

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