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Hair Transplant: Easily the best decision I have made for myself in the past 20 years

This was easily the best decision I have made for myself in the past 20 years. I started loosing my hair around 16. I hated it. I also sort of ignored it. Over the years I would see pictures of myself and be shocked at how much hair I was loosing. I began wearing hats all the time. It’s not that I was embarrassed, I just hated how I looked.

I went to a number of Doctors but as soon as I sat down with Dr. Paul, I knew he was the Doctor for me. He is kind, encouraging and a wonderful man. His entire staff didn’t treat me like a patient or like a paycheck, they treated me like I was a part of the family. I was actually sad saying goodbye to them as I left after my procedure.

I look forward to having follow ups because it feels like a big old reunion.

I have just started to see some of the results (I’m about 5 months in at this point) and I couldn’t be happier. It doesn’t look like I have had work done. Dr. Paul designed my hair to look as natural as can be. I get so many compliments like “I love what you are doing with your hair” or ‘Is that a new haircut? It looks great!”. I have a new found confidence. I’m even leaving my hat collection at home these days.

Below is a pic of my before and then a little after 4 months. We won’t see full results for a few more months, so I will definitely be updating again.

PRP Success

I want to thank Dr. Paul and his staff for helping me so much with my hair loss. I am writing because I could not be happier with my hair.

Here is my story: I noticed a significant change in my hair after having a baby, and I tried rogaine for months without significant improvement. I stopped rogaine and noticed my hair was still shedding. My part widened. I was very concerned. I met with Dr. Paul as I was interested to see if PRP could help my shedding. Dr. Paul explained that PRP very well may help me, but we would not know for certain without trying it. I did two sessions of PRP spaced 2 months apart then started to see a result with real improvement after about 3-4 months. There was a reduction in shedding, my part looks better (see the picture), and I am delighted. I did a third session and now am on a maintenance regimen doing PRP every 4-6 months.

Real patient before and after hair loss treatment

Rhinoplasty: It is still my nose, just better!

I’m writing this review as I too read the reviews of past patients and they were ultimately the deciding factor in my choice of Dr. Paul. I had recently moved to NYC and went in to see Dr. Paul after having had another consultation in my previous city. My main concerns were functional. I had been unable to breathe out of one side of my nose for many years and it had started to impacted my lifestyle. I wanted to select a doctor who had great reviews in both plastics and non in the event that I elected to go under the knife. His treatment of my condition began with an appointment where Dr. Paul patiently listened to my concerns and performed an examination. From there we elected to try a few different non-surgical treatments which provided some relief but proved to be only temporary solutions for me. Once I made the determination for surgery to repair the functional issues, I inquired about correcting two small cosmetic concerns I had related to my nose. It was very important to me to still look “the same”.

Fearing the images of bruising I had seen all over the internet, I expected the worst for my procedure. Dr. Paul and his staff provide VERY detailed instructions for pre and post surgery. In addition to the office appointments, they will make telephone calls and send emails to make sure you understand these instructions and ask if you have any questions. I followed each of their instructions exactly as written and healed quickly and with minimal bruising (only slight yellow in the corner of my eyes).

I am heading for my five week follow-up appointment with Dr. Paul tomorrow and am thrilled with my results. The procedure performed and the results achieved are exactly what we discussed.

Rhinoplasty: Best Experience! I Highly Recommend to Everyone – New York

It was a pleasure from beginning to end, great staff, Dr. Paul’s bedside manner and soothing demeanor made what I was so nervous about a phenomenal experience.. The office and facilities were remarkable, I was treated like a princess and have never had a more amazing interaction with a medical professional in all my years. If you are looking for a Doctor, You will not find a better one than Dr. Paul

Real female patient Rhinoplasty front view

Hair Transplant: From hair loss to a full head of hair thanks to Dr. Paul

Rarely do you come across a person in whom all the necessary qualities have come together to embody the spirit of a profession. To me, that person is Dr. Benjamin Paul. That may seem a bit dramatic, but once you meet him, his staff, and experience his medical expertise, you’ll understand that it’s a perfectly accurate statement. I came in with male-pattern baldness and a feeling of mounting helplessness, having witnessed my hair loss gradually worsen. I’ve resorted to a few low-commitment treatments, but nothing proved effective. This is probably starting to sound unfortunately familiar to a few. So I scoured the internet for the best specialist I could find and took more serious action. Enter Dr. Paul. Exit me, with a full head of hair (though that takes a few months), renewed confidence, and in awe that the results could appear so natural. But it wasn’t just about the result, and this is what I’d like to get across with this review. Dr. Paul had gone out of his way, inconvenienced himself for my sake, and ensured that my well being was an absolute priority. There is a goodness to him that you simply can’t simulate to have that sought-after “bedside manner.” This is a person who cares and puts it into action, and for that I’m sincerely grateful. Couple that with unparalleled expertise and you have the doctor you think of when you think of the profession. So to the people out there searching for the right physician to attend to their hair-loss needs, stop your search, google Dr. Paul, and call his office so that he could take incredible care of you. Plus the receptionists are very, very nice : )

Real male patient before and after hair transplant procedure

Incredible Nose Job.. a Piece of Art – New York, NY

Working with Dr. Paul was an incredible experience. I was a little nervous that it would not look natural and everyone would know that I had work done. Not the case, Dr. Paul’s and his teams bed side manner was top notch. He truly eased any fear I had and I’m so happy to say that my nose is absolutely perfect.

70th Birthday Present to Me! Browlift and Lower Lid Blepharoplasty

My original motivation was having cataract surgery that allowed me to see exactly the direction my upper lids were going in, and the huge bags under my eyes. I interviewed over 6 Surgeons. The only surgeon who explained every detail, as to the “where and why” for my desired result, was Dr Benjamin Paul. Dr Paul advised that FOR MY SPECIFIC bone structure, fatty deposits, eyelids etc….he would NOT recommend removing any skin or fat from my upper eyelids. He also opted to not recommend the alternative lower eye blethroplasty where the lid is turned inside out, the fat removed…and there are no stitches. His recommendations for ME, was a brow lift, and a lower blethroplasty where the fat is removed, the excess skin nipped off, and then stitches. His expert opinion answered all the questions I had regarding “looking too hollow” “eyes too wide open” etc etc.

I have been in the beauty industry for many years, and also am a fine artist…so I knew what I didn’t want, as well as what I wanted. Dr. Benjamin Paul is a rock-star!!!!!
From our initial consult, to a follow-up, to the day of surgery, his kind, gentle, professional and reassuring manner followed. The surgery was a breeze (for me) and Dr Paul visited me twice in my hotel room after the surgery.

I can never thank him enough for his gifted and deft hands, along with his aesthetic eye and brilliant spirit. Dr Paul is THE best face of cosmetic surgery today!!!!!!! The photo below is only 3 weeks after surgery!!!!! THANK YOU DR. PAUL

Dr Paul is at the top of the field in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. His manner, His deft hands and aesthetic eye…along with a beautiful spirit, made my journey miraculous. I recommend you look no further for any procedure you may be considering. You can TRUST Dr Benjamin Paul for your total care, and the best outcome ever.

Real female patient before and after photo of Browlift and Lower Lid Blephoraplasty

Incredible Botox

Dr Paul is amazing! I have to admit I was skeptical about Botox (my first time at 36) but he made me feel so at ease with his humor and knowledge! The staff and nurses were incredible. The waiting room wait time was so brief! His eye is absolutely incredible! He administered the shots quick and pain free with incredible precision. I left the office with barely a visible mark or bruise. Upon my two week follow up he saw one spot that was bothering me before I even had the chance to say anything. He fixed it and now I feel amazing! The practice is fantastic and he’s a phenomenal doctor ahead of the curve – and far far far from pushy – he will not recommend anything you don’t need! I would highly recommend anyone interested in Botox, fillers, or any sort of facial plastics or hair restoration procedure to consider him and then use him! You won’t regret it! I’m 36 years old – and knowing he will be practicing for a while – I’ll never go anywhere else!

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Great results with PRP Treatment

I came to Dr. Paul back in September after experiencing diffuse hair loss all over the top of my scalp. I suspected it was due to switching from birth control pills to a Mirena in December of 2016. My hair had been growing back in slowly since the middle of the summer of 2017, but a lot of it was extremely fine and wispy, almost cobwebby, and looked “miniaturized” to me. After a consultation, Dr. Paul confirmed my suspicions that the loss was due to the hormone shock of switching birth control forms, and recommended that I do one round of platelet-rich plasma to kick start the regrowth and make sure it came back in as healthy and full as possible. The procedure itself was very easy. I’m not a fan of needles and was pretty nervous, but the process was very painless, even the initial numbing of the scalp thanks to a cool technique where a small vibrational device is placed on your scalp next to the injection site. I was in and out of the office in under an hour. In a few weeks, I noticed my hair growing in thicker. One thing to note is it seemed that I had an initial shedding of the “cobwebby” hairs near my temples, and noticed that strong, thicker hair came back in their place. After about 2 months, I noticed I had a nice defined part in my hair again (something I lacked for months because of the hair loss). Six months later, my hair looks strong and healthy again, and most people can’t tell I had any loss at all – they just like the “cool layers” in my hair :). If you’re considering this procedure, I say go for it – you have nothing to lose. Dr. Paul and his staff are wonderful and attentive, making me feel really comfortable and at ease during what was a really scary time for me.

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