Lenox Hill Grand Rounds: The treatment of women’s hair loss.

I had the pleasure of giving grand rounds this week at Lenox Hill Hospital. I spoke about the treatment of women’s hair loss.

In society today, I really believe there is a hidden epidemic of women’s hair loss.  Mistakenly believed to only affect men, up to 40% of hair-loss suffers are women.  Female hair loss is distinct from male pattern hair loss.  The hair line is preserved, and women notice shedding and thinning more diffusely.

Hair loss is more devastating for women then for men. A study has shown that 52% of women were very-to-extremely upset by their hair loss, compared with 28% of men (Cash 1992; Cash et al 1993).

Happily in our practice, we have the most advanced options to help women overcome hair loss. The options and technology available make this an exciting time for hair restoration.