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Hair Transplant Surgery

Great strides have been made in hair restoration for both men and women. In addition to oral and topical improvements, follicular stimulation with PRP has been optimized.  For those who need it, hair transplantation surgery has evolved remarkably. Reassuringly, gone are the days of “plugs and corn rows” - today, only single follicluar hair units are transplanted by Dr. Paul. With a meticulous focus, Dr. Paul is dedicated to helping you achieve a natural head of hair with a reinforced hairline and richer density.  

Click here: HairCareMD to learn about our practice's extensive focus on hair restoration and transplantation.


Nose Job / Nose Surgery

The central defining characteristic of the face, an attractive nose beautifully accents the cheeks, mouth, and eyes. If the nose if out of proportion, the entire face loses appeal. For this reason, a beautiful rhinoplasty can really boost one’s appearance and self image.

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Eye Lift / Eyelid Repair

The window to the soul, the eyes are often the first place to show signs of advanced aging. From drooping upper lids to fatty lower lids, the combination creates a tired look that does not match one’s youthful energy. With a blepharoplasty, these issues are corrected to showcase a more vibrant and refreshed look and feel.

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Endoscopic Brow Lift

Brow Lift / Brow Repositioning

As we age, the eyebrows tend to fall downward and droop. This descent accentuates advanced aging and often creates a tired appearance that does not match one’s inner energy. A endoscopic brow lift corrects this type of drooping and restores a more youthful look and feel.

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Scar Resurfacing / Scar Correction

Patients interested in improving or reducing the appearance of unsightly scars are ideal candidates for scar correction surgery. With scar revision, Dr. Paul focuses on restoring function while simultaneously minimizing the look of the scar.

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Fillers and Lips

Lip Augmentation / Lip Reduction

Lips that are full and healthy bring an undeniable attractiveness and balance to the face. Dr. Paul’s conservative approach to lip augmentation ensures the most natural cosmetic results.

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Microneedling / Aquagold / PRP / Facial / Cosmopen / Collagen Induction Therapy

Facial resurfacing and tightening is accomplished with microneedling. This treatment is also known as collagen induction therapy.

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Chin Implant

Mentoplasty / Chin Reduction / Chin Augmentation

Dr. Paul is committed to providing the best chin implant surgery in NYC. In less than an hour you will have an amazing result. A mentoplasty dramatically improves the profile and overall look of the face. Dr. Paul’s surgical approach aims to align a patient’s chin proportion with the rest of the face in a way that is beautiful and appealing.

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Earlobe Repair & Otoplasty

Ear Reconstruction / Earlobe Reduction

Ears that are too large or protrude too far out are easily corrected with an otoplasty, or ear pinning procedure. Dr. Paul believes that ear surgery should bring balance and proportion to the face in a natural and appealing way.

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Endoscopic Forehead Lipoma and Osteoma Excision

Forehead Contouring / Forehead Reshaping

A skilled cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Paul performs forehead augmentation and reduction with subtle contouring surgery designed to improve the shape and prominence of the forehead and brow. The results of forehead reshaping are soft and natural.

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Buccal Fat Reduction and Cheek Enhancement

Malar Augmentation / Cheek Implant / Cheek Sculpting

A malar enhancement refers to the alteration of the cheeks. Dr. Paul performs a variety of malar augmentation procedures as well as malar reduction procedures such as buccal fat reduction designed to improve facial symmetry and attractiveness.

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Septoplasty and Sinus Health

Dr. Paul approaches the sinus via an endoscopic approach and is also proficient in minimally invasive technique such as balloon sinuplasty.

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Moh’s Reconstruction

Skin Cancer Excision / Skin Cancer Repair

Skin cancer removal is a traumatic time for many patients. To help ease the stress of the experience, Dr. Paul works with your dermatologist to develop a skin repair plan devoted to restore your appearance and confidence.  In addition to crafting a beautiful result, Dr. Paul is committed to providing a stress-free recovery.

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Facial Trauma & Scar Repair

With a focus on a rapid recovery and a restoration of function and facial balance, Dr. Paul has performed hundreds of facial trauma repairs in the past decade.

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