Moh’s Reconstruction

Skin Cancer Excision / Skin Cancer Repair

Skin cancer removal is a traumatic time for many patients. To help ease the stress of the experience, Dr. Paul works with your dermatologist to develop a skin repair plan devoted to restore your appearance and confidence.  In addition to crafting a beautiful result, Dr. Paul is committed to providing a stress-free recovery.

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Facial reconstruction due to skin cancer is a stressful experience for many patients. Dr. Paul strongly believes that all patients undergoing Moh’s deserve to have the most stress-free recovery and provides every convenience to make this difficult time in his patient’s life more tolerable.

If you have undergone Moh’s surgery or an unsightly excision due to skin cancer, Dr. Paul can expertly reconstruct the area affected to improve the overall function, look, and feel. Dr. Paul’s surgical technique minimizes scar while retaining the natural appearance of facial features.


Once the margins are clear of skin cancer, a reconstruction or repair to the skin can begin. Depending on the size, shape, and placement of the defect, Dr. Paul performs a variety of reconstruction methods, such as flaps or grafts, to cover and repair the area.

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