The Practice

Manhattan Surgical Suites Medical Team is comprised of a trio of medical doctors who have a shared mission – to create the most natural and beautiful results possible with the shortest recovery time and no evidence of intervention.

To learn more about Dr. Benjamin Paul: Click Here to Visit the Biography of Dr. Benjamin Paul

Dr. Benjamin Paul is very proud to work with internationally renown physicians including Dr. David Rosenberg and Dr. Jessica Lattman. Please visit the respective doctors websites to learn more about our team and their specialties.


Dr. Rosenberg’s facelift has tightened the platysma muscle with dissolvable stitches placed under the skin. This restored the foundation of the face and redefined the jaw line and neck.

Dr. Rosenberg specializes in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Visit the website of Dr. David Rosenberg.

The aging face reveals descent of the muscle with attendant jowls and a loose neck.

Dr. Jessica Lattman specializes in Oculoplastic surgery of the eyelids. Click here to visit the website of Dr. Jessica Lattman.


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